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Life insurance sales training by professional

Get trained by professionals

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NO experience required just start earning while you learning Life Insurance

NO Age limit. No Income limit.      

Sales Training program:

There is a 6 days basic training program covers following areas.

 DAY 1
  • Life Insurance basic information
  • Life Insurance "the fourth basic need of a human".
  • History of Life Insurance.
  • Life Insurance Industry in financial sector.
  • Life Insurance Companies.

 DAY 2

  • Conversion of SAVING in to SUM ASSURED.
  • Insurance Terminologies.
  • Bonuses calculation and Maturity.
  • Premium Essentials & calculations.
  • Finding the real age by age formula.
  • Life Insurance supplementary contracts.
  • Accidental Risk coverage.

 DAY 3
  • Insurance Plans Basic calculations 
  • Plans Scenarios in case of pre mature death.
  • Career in Life Insurance in different companies.
  • Difference with other professions.
  • Life time career growth and multiple income options.
  • Basic criteria for promotion.
  • Future developments and promotional tips.

 DAY 4
  • Professional responsibilities of a Representative.
  • Self disciple & assessments. 
  • Three basic professional diseases in Representative.
  • One basic cure for 3 professional diseases.
  • Marketing essentials.
  • Dressing advantages.
  • Marketing talks & techniques. 
  • Time allocation & punctuality.
  • Planning & analyze of personal activities.

 DAY 5
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Prospecting 
  • Fact finding. Analyze of prospects needs.
  • Approaching the client.
  • Interview and Interest creation.
  • Presentation of a suitable in the lights of facts.
  • Finalizing the case.
  • Required documentation for  standard Planning. 
  • After sales services concepts and benefits.
  • Client from client/Referee/advisor/advocate.

 DAY 6
  • To whom a Representative start his career.
  • Income & facilities.
  • Monthly income criteria.
  • Bonuses and allowances.
  • Pensions and related programs.
  • Objections and arguments on life insurance.
  • Agency records and proposal forms
  • Medical and non medical proposals.
  • Underwriting requirements.
  • Tele marketing. Tips & techniques.
  • Final tests of training. 

 DAY 7

  • Finalization of the training 

If you have your own training material designed to suit your requirements, We can update according to the provided material and stuff.

for more information please feel free to contact me
  • Are you looking a part time job to increase income?

  • No time specification. you are your own boss.

  • Write you monthly check with your own ability

  • NO experience required just start earning while you learning Life Insurance

  • NO Age limit. No Income limit.                                                            

Save your time! I am here to recruit a marketing team for you.

Recruitment Services:

I am providing recruitment services to the Life insurance Sales professionals those have their own offices or area offices out side the company's premises. off course no organization will be success full unless they have a strong, motivated, result oriented business development executives team but this is a fact that eventually recruitment is not an easy task. it required a long time to advertise on the media or newspaper and then interview, selection, training & finalization.

As life insurance marketing is concern with a long time with these aspects, we provide an easy solution for saving your time regarding life insurance sales team recruitment. we have a program to hand you over a best professional, motivated, result oriented, fully aware or modern selling techniques marketing team so that you can grow rapidly with confidence and responsibility in your career.

Recruitment essentials are: 
  • Search young energetic graduates, looking for a better future
  • advertisement through newspapers, web sites, electronic media, survey in educational institutions, multinationals for part time, handbills, personal contacts and other ways.
  • Interview arrangements according to your requirements so that we can provide you a best suited team you would prefer and feel easy to work with.
  • Initially a six days training program to make a strong foundation of young fellows so that they can confidently provide selling services for your organization with no hesitation in the market regarding life insurance knowledge and current affairs.
  • After indoor training program the next destination is to move the team in the market to face individual prospects so that they can learn more questions & answers which they listen from the prospects.
  • In the finalization the team fulfill the given assignments through individual or corporate level is ready to surve for your organization.
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I am related to life insurance and off course now I have running my own marketing firm to provide life insurance services to our local & international cllients.

We Have :
  • Sales & Marketing Professionals
  • highly qualified insurance survey field force
  • Professional to recruit & train new blood in life insurance field
  • Experienced Trainer to meet all your requirements
  • Supervision for newly joined sales team from top to bottom

Our Mission:

We providing brief information to every one who is interested to be insured or make a career in the field of life insurance. We have amazing training projects which makes perfect a new joined sales representative for selling life insurance products with confidence.
We soon will take initiative to establish a life insurance academy in the country so that every one whether or not is a marketing professional or sales man, can easily adapt life insurance professional as a full time or part time. our complete training program will make easy to get the highest possible earning with the experience and professionalism.

Take advantage:

Contact us to make a professional sales team recruitment & Training program.
from News advertisement, Interview, Selection & Training till one be able to sale life insurance.

How to get a FREE Life insurance Policy?

  • Welcome to Shahzad's Life insurance Experience blog !
Many people share thier experience through diffrent ways but I think the best way to share experience with the world with blogs so that I wana share mine. I tried many jobs but could not give long time to the typical jobs except Life Insurance sales & marketing which taken seven years of my life.

 I learned much more from Life insurance marketing & sales but I want to share with you a basic thing " how could I decided to a part of life insurance sales industry? ". Well its was a decision of a moment which taken me to the way of life insurance marketing.
First reason to join marketing field was that I felt every time some hasitation to meet new people or unknow people and I was told that a one week marketing course can solve this problem and I can get confident to talk unknown people as well. That was true bacause I got confident after learn that how to talk a person you know and how to talk a person you don't so it was a good experience to me and I parctically observed some changing in my personality.

In life insurance marketing & sales field I experienced many difficulties but learned more from the people. One thing that I observed is that "NO Body wanna Die" so its sensitive to talk about the death benefit of a life insured. off course no one want to talk over it more than a sentence or two but a life insurance counceller has to clerify the ifs & buts to the insured. Its a really a hardworking job and I salute life insurance professionals those are doing the job in this category. But on the other hand its a very high paying job as well and when your income check recived by you, all the hardness go away at once.

So lets talk about life insurance. the first thing every body ask obviously "What is life insurance"? and the answer is almost same :
The life insurance is a contract between an insurance provider company and a person who is insured. in other words a life insurance company pay if the person god forbid die prematurely or they pay when a insured completes his duration according to the policy duration and get maturity at the end of the term.

Life insurance is a contract of insurance that provides financial cover in case of the death of the insured covered in the policy. In simple words, a life insurance policy is a contract between the named insured and the insurance company wherein the insurance company agrees to pay an agreed upon sum of money to the insured's named beneficiary so long as the insured's premiums are current.
People take out life insurance policies for a number of reasons. Such insurance provides security to family members upon the loss of a loved one. For instance, if the primary wage earner dies in his or her prime, the death benefit received from a life insurance policy will assist the surviving family members in overcoming the burden of the tragic loss. Life insurance can be purchased by individuals, but is also offered as a perk by many employers. Often times, large employers and government employers offer group life insurance at no cost to the employee. Should the employee wish to obtain additional life insurance from the employer's insurance company, they can usually do so at reduced rates.

In my words: 

No one can insured life. life is a gift of God and thus he knows better what happend with a person in the world. who will be healthy who will be weak. who is rich and who is poor. who is physically fit and who is partially disable.
So when I say no one can insured a life, means life is precious for every one. And when a person died, if he is the only bread runner, the whole family faces financial problems. Because the income which was coming through that person, is also stopped forever. 
So we can say that company provides insurance of our income based on our income. Now the income of every persona is diffrent from the other. Thats why the policy sum insured and premium is diffrent as well.

Premium is calculated according to the prospect's AGE, Profession, income and duration of the policy. for instance, A person is in young age around 30 years of age, his premium will be less than a person whos age is above 50. its just bacause in the age of 50 he possibly not fit all the way and is at risk as compare to the person who is young thats why his premium obviously will be more than a young aged.

The same rule is applied for profession. A hardworking person will pay more premium than an office worker who just sitting around and doing a table work or oprating a computer rather than a person who is controlling the traffic or constructing a house or doing some iron work or glass work etc.
Now I think you got some clear ideas about life insurance.

Now I will explain how you can get a FREE life insurance policy? 

I want to explain that this is not a free offer you have to do just one thing to get it. And it is what you have to tell the others :)
so here we go: The truch is that life insurance marketing and sales income based on commission. it means how you will earn is depends on how much you sale. the more policies you sale the bigger your check will be. now you say that why you sale policy? you dont need to sale policy off course. but you need to know that this is not a gamble. do you know how much a company pay to a sales representative against a policy?

Most of the companies in the world does not give salary instead they provide jobs on commission basis as I said earlier and the commission ration is pretty attractive. Yes its about 40% of a policy premium. It means if a sales representative sale a policy he earns 40% of the total yearly premium (if the policy premium mode is set as yearly). Now calculate ! if a person paid 100$ as premium of a policy, the sales person earned 40$ against it. so you got it.

Now if you want to get a free life insurance policy, all you need to do just inform any other person related to you and when any 4 persons will buy life insurance policy, obviously your policy will be free of cost.
isn't cool. And I will provide complete assistance and support if you agree to take it seriously.
for the next post take care.